hidden HORNÍ SLAVKOV factory


The Factory

A long and successful manufacture of the oldest Czech porcelain factory stands behind realisations for hotels all around the world and presentations at the best-known trade fairs. The factory was founded 220 years ago and you can still find a building in Horni Slavkov that tells a story about its past and is currently waiting for its future.

The Story

Behind closed doors, objects of esthetic qualities have been left behind, and even through a layer of dust and nostalgia is covering them, it would be a sin not to share them. For a short while, you can make characters and landscapes from old steel engravings, the ones that might have been found in old cupboards, live again.

The Object

The only material output of the Slavkov story is a thick-walled bowl lacking a definable centre. A feeling of insecurity rooting from disappearing traditions is created by manipulating of a decoration, a frame accentuaing a blurry landscape of the past, or perhaps of a not precisely defined landscape of the future.