J'aime pas


Pauline Kerleroux

set of children's plates
porcelain, in-glaze decoration
shallow plate 21 cm, deep plate 20 cm, dessert plate 19 cm

I was thinking about the name of the plate:
I like the title:
j'aime pas .................. (I don't love / I don't like ... )
This is an interactive name: one can complete it with les frites/les petits pois/mais le etc.
(English: I don't like ... chips/peas/corn etc.)

The design comes from a simple idea: when one doesn't like certain type food, he or she leaves it on the plate. With this leftover then one can complete the hair pattern. I also like that it's an incomplete name (as well an incomplete plate) that everyone can then finish as they like.

At the same time it is a reminder of our childhood, when parents forced us to finish our food and we were told not to play with it either. So, for once, one can be creative with the dish they did not like and leave it on the plate. You know what I mean, right?