Lost landscape


Eva Pelechová a Gabriel Vach

bowl with "manipulated" decoration
porcelain, cobalt print, touch-up with dissolving agent
diameter 35 cm, height 10 cm

The bowl is a product based on a story of a closed porcelain factory in Horni Slavkov, where we discovered steel engraving motifs for porcelain decoration that are several centuries old. We reprinted some of them on reflective panels and visitors of Design Block 2013 could choose the motifs they wanted to see – they could project them on the wall using flashlights.

The only material output of the Slavkov story is a thick-walled bowl lacking a definable centre. A feeling of insecurity rooting from disappearing traditions creates a manipulated decoration, originally a romantic landscape in a historical frame. We smeared it into abstract matter and thus the frame encloses a blurred picture of the past, or perhaps not precisely defined landscapes of the future.